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All about Ginseng

Ginseng is one of Korean people’s favorite healthy food. Ginseng improves immunity, lowers cholesterol protecting our stomach, and is effective for skincare. Ginseng has recently become a trend in various fields from skincare to food. Ginseng is well known for immunity-enhancing food in winter that are susceptible to a cold. Ginseng is effective in maintaining body temperature, which is important for immunity by enhancing metabolism, and ginsenoside, which is a main ingredient, acts as an anti-stress. In other words, when our body is stressed, not only the brain but also the body becomes very tired and its immunity is lowered. Taking ginseng reduces cell damage caused by stress and suppresses the production of inflammatory cells. In addition, ginseng improves memory, protects liver function, prevents cancer cell metastasis, and facilitates blood circulation. Therefore, if you have cold hands and feet, taking ginseng regularly is recommended.

Wild ginseng is said to have a better effect getting older and older, but the general ginseng is a little different. Normally six years of cultivation is ideal until sowing and harvesting. Ginseng is sown in autumn and sprouts grow in spring next year. And when it starts to fall from summer to autumn, the root of the ground grows about 10cm, and in autumn, the leaves become yellowish color, wither and grow again. In early summer, flower stalks grow between the leaves to blossom and produce red fruits. This process is repeated for six years, growing into ginseng with large roots. It is ideal to grow six years because the ginseng roots begin to rot after seven years. In other words, it is only six years for the proper growth.

The reason why K-beauty didn’t end with an instant trend is because of reliable natural ingredients. Ginseng is known to activate sin cells and prevent wrinkles. The saponin component of ginseng multiplies the cells, and a moisturizing component called panaginic acid prevents the escape of moisture from the skin. It can also help prevent freckles and blemishes, sooth skin troubles, and whiten skin. Drinking ginseng, which is rich in protein, sugar, minerals, and vitamin B, can also help to improve fatigue, and organically affect skin. In Dongui Bogam which is a Korean book compiled by the royal physician, Heo Jun and was first published in 1613 during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, it is recorded that ginseng not only energizes our body, but also activates metabolic functions.

I’m from Ginseng eye cream contains wood-cultivated ginseng which has a higher ginsenoside content than general ginseng to make dermal density increase. This Ginseng eye cream moisturizes your skin and forms a moisture shield with low-molecular hyaruronic acid.

I’m from Ginseng serum also contains 7.98% of 6 years old ginseng extract. Both the mask and serum give nutrition and moisture. In addition, it makes healthy skin and proper oil and water balance in our skin.

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