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Tips for you all who have a hot flush on your face

There is at least one person whose face is flushed all the time around us, and people say it’s cute. However, they might be suffering from the redness on their face and they call it a disease. The hot flush is one of vascular diseases caused by abnormally enlarged capillaries that do not contract again. It can be caused by environmental factors such as temperature changes, but it can also be caused by psychological factors such as stress or inflammatory dermatitis. For people who have serious hot flashes would suffer from a symptom of not only redness of the face but also sudden redness of the skin in the neck, head and chest area, and fever. Once the skin turns red, it usually lasts two to four minutes and can be accompanied by sweating or a sudden heartbeat. These people might get stressed by discomforts that arise over time, and during the day they have to meet and talk with other people. They also may have a discomfort in the formation of an interpersonal relationship due to the redness of their face. At night, it can disturb their sleep and make them feel uncomfortable. For those people, here are some tips to relive these symptoms of hot flushes, an unwelcome guest in everyday life.

  • Avoid hot water face wash

As I mentioned above, the hot flushes are caused by abnormally enlarged capillaries. But, if you wash with hot water especially during the initial stage of hot flush, the blood vessels in the skin spread and expand easily. Repeated conditions can make hot flush worse because the blood vessels become less able to control their contractions.

  • Skincare

Skincare routine is very important to take care of our skin. Double face wash is one of the things that people who have a hot flush need to avoid. If you keep doing this, the hot flush will be worse by irritating and dehydrating your skin. After washing, when applying skincare products such as toner or lotions is also important. Our skin is irritated with various harmful ingredients in cosmetics. It is better to choose cosmetics that contain natural ingredients instead of chemical ingredients. I know that it is hard to find cosmetics with 100% natural ingredients, and even though we find them, the price won’t be affordable. Therefore, when buying cosmetics, compare with other products and try to find something with less surfactant or emulsifier for your skin.

Moreover, scrub products should be used carefully. If you use a strong scrub product because of keratin (dead skin), you may worsen hot flushes. Ingredients can be a problem, but while you scrub your face, massaging your face with fingers can be another problem since the stimulus is doubled by the power of the hand. If you have a hot blush but need to scrub, you’d better choose a gentle cream type and rub it gently like you’re dealing with baby’s skin.

  • Food

Foods we eat can also affect our skin, so be careful when you have a flush. Especially capsaicin that is the main ingredient of spicy food causes a hot flush. It’s better not to eat processed food. You should also be careful when you drink alcohol. Alcohol is a typical ingredient that causes a hot flush. Alcohol itself dilates blood vessels. When alcohol enters our body, a component called acetaldehyde occurs during metabolism in the stomach, which causes hot flashes. People with diabetes or antibiotics are more likely to have hot flushes when they drink alcohol. Lastly, cold food is not good for hot flushes since cold food changes the temperature of our body, and the cold food contains food additives that may exacerbate hot flushes.

  • Temperature changes

Going to Sauna in winter is not a good idea when you have a hot flush to avoid sudden temperature changes. If you suddenly go into a high temperature Sauna from cold outside, the temperature your body feels will change and your skin temperature will change suddenly. Repeating this can cause hot flushes because the blood vessels dilate. It’s similar when you do outdoor exercise. If the air is cold and your skin is hot, you can exacerbate hot flushes because of the temperature difference in your skin. That’s why it’s the best to do exercise indoor where there isn’t much temperature difference in winter. After doing exercise, taking a shower with warm water is better than hot as well.

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