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How to take care of your skin in dry winter.

We all need to take care of our skin in winter because of colder and drier weather than other seasons. Recently, people are more aware of and interested in the importance of skincare, so here are some tips for skincare especially in winter.

  1. Cleansing

It is important to make proper water temperature before cleansing since the moisture can be deprived in winter. Cleansing with too cold or hot water is not good for skin, so it is better to wash with warm water, then cold water at the end.

After cleansing, the best way to dry face is air-drying the water on your face not wiping with a towel. Even when using a towel, not wipe all the water, leave some on the face and then do your skincare right after air-drying

The time right after cleansing is when the moisture can be deprived the most, so put the skincare products in the restroom would be the one good way to block the moisture in your skin.

2. Exfoliation

When the temperature goes down, cold winds can easily dry out our skin. Not only outside, but also if we use heaters inside, skin can be cracked easily.

Therefore, we need to exfoliate our dead skin regularly, but not too irritatingly. Covering face with a steam towel would be helpful before exfoliating.

3. Drinking water

It is very important to drink enough water especially in winter. In winter, most of moisture on the surface of our skin is dry. Drinking 2L of water is the best for hydration in our skin, and it prevents dryness. Applying mist, toner or lotion can be helpful as well.

4. Enough sleep

Hormones are secreted and skin regeneration occurs while we are sleeping, so enough sleep is another important habit to get healthy skin. There are many people who can’t sleep properly and suffer from insomnia nowadays. Plus, bedtimes are delayed and you may not be able to sleep properly due to smartphone or computer games. However, skincare requires enough and deep sleep.

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​5. Keep away from the heaters.

As I said above, our skin gets dry very fast in winter because of using heaters inside. Using heaters really make our skin dry and it makes wrinkles as well. Moreover, if the heater is not cleaned frequently, lots of dirt and harmful substance can enter our skin. During winter it would be better to keep staying it as far as possible for our skin.

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