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People say sugar is bad for our health, but honey is not. Honey is always a great ingredient to combine with other foods. Since honey itself has a lot of benefits on our body, not only people use it instead of sugar, but also they take a certain amount of honey regularly. The reason why people enjoy eating and using honey is that because honey is made from nature only with no chemical ingredients. Similar to mugwort as I mentioned in the previous post, food can be our body or skin care items.


Honey is one of the best and well known ingredients for our skincare items. The dead skin layer, which protects skin cells, weakens as the amount of composed filaggrin is reduced. But, honey helps in preventing this by composing filaggrin which is a kind of protein. Moreover, honey is good for moisturizing, antibiotic effect, whitening, and even the inflammatory action of honey can reduce pimples, so people make their own face mask with it. With these all benefits of honey for our skin, I’m From made a new honey serum and a cream launched recently this month.




Both honey serum and cream contains below ingredients;

01 Honey (Jiri Mountain Honey) : Contains Jiri Mountain honey with rich flavor and scent. Pure unprocessed honey, which contains 70% of glucose, is used to present excellent moisturizing power. Has effective soothing effect while softly removing the dead skin cells. Rich in nutrition including sugar, protein, minerals, vitamin B derivatives and amino acid.

02 Black Bee Propolis : Black bees are famous for their strong survival power in extreme environments, as opposed to honey bees. The rare and valuable propolis produced by the black bees supplies rich moisture and nutrition to your skin.

03 Turmeric : Turmeric effectively warms your body and brings out the firmness of your skin. Also, it helps in getting rid of the impurities from the body to maintain healthy skin condition.

04 Bee Pollen : The colorful jewels collected by bees, the bee pollen is gathered on the legs of honey bees while they are sitting on a flower. These pollen, along with honey, provides larva of bees the essential nutrients and also is used as the main ingredient for royal jelly. The pollen contains numerous essential nutrition, protein and vitamins, which is also highly effective for skin care.

05 Bee venom : Bee venom is found in the poison sac of working bee and is used to protect themselves from the predators. Melittin, the main composition of bee venom, consists of peptide formed by 26 different amino acids, which can effectively maintain skin firm and also protect the skin from the environment.

06 Cinnamon : Cinnamon is a type of herb acquired from laurel tree bark by scrubbing and drying over a number of times. It is rich in vitamin B/C and minerals, and it protects skin from external factors such as the UV light.

07 Royal Jelly : Royal jelly is literally the food that is served exclusively too the queen bee. It helps maintaining a healthy moisture level on skin surface and also makes skin firm and healthy.


These definitely will give bright glow to your exhausted and dried skin. The natural honey differs in taste and scent by the season and type of the flower of the origin. I’m From has tried to provide the best condition of honey to you.



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