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What’s good about Medicica cream from Skinnlab.

Medicaca Calming Cream is the best for people who are in need for a quick soothing and reparative action to calm down sensitive and/or irritated skin. It contains centella asiatica and its active compounds such as madecassoside to help with your skin’s recovery process. The interesting thing about this product is that it contains tiny capsules in the formula that breaks and bursts into water as you roll it on skin. But apparently this is to help the ingredients stay as fresh as possible.

For more information about the medicica calming cream, please check the below youtube video from JOOHKY.


Furthermore, Liah Yoo is using this mecica cream for a sleeping mask for instant calming action. (click the name, Liah Yoo to watch her youtube video)

The difference between this medicica calming cream and others is that there is green cica magic capsules in it. The capsules are very small and the texture is very smooth so that the capsules can be absorbed quickly. The absorbed capsules are spread out giving moisture and nutrition on the skin.


magic capsule


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