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Skincare routine for fall


Mask (honey mask) – This honey mask is my favorite and favorite item from I’M FROM. It is already introduced in the past post. Honey is good for anti-aging, boosting, calming, and so on. In the weather like fall when makes skin dry and people need to change their skincare routine. Facial mask should be one of must have items. First time I used this with barrierderm cream, in the morning the day after, my skin felt so good. Since it does not matter how long I would stay with the mask on, I kept it for an hour. If you want to know more about this honey mask, see the post below.




essence (mugwort essence) – As I mentioned in the past post, mugwort is another must have skincare item. Whenever I use this essence, it feels very fresh smelling its herbal scent. Sometimes when I feel I need more moisture on my skin, I put the cotton pads soaked this mugwort essence on my face after skincare. Mugwort is good for not only calming, but also charging moist in your skin, so you can get these benefits at the same time.







Ampoule (barrierderm) – Most people including me may think that the texture of ampoule is very heavy and sticky because it’s usually made like others are. Sometimes that kind of texture makes skin oily, so I am willing to avoid using if my skin is not too much dry. However, the texture of barrierderm ampoule is just a little bit heavier than a toner and not sticky. It became my daily ampoule for calming and moisturizing especially for dry weather of fall.







Cream (barrierderm) – This is the best item that I personally want to recommend. Even two days after using this barrierderm cream, I felt my interior skin is finally filling with moisture. Before using it, I always use at least 2-3 oil papers to remove oil came out to protect and hydrate my dry skin.  Oily skin is because of too much of sebum that sebaceous glands in the skin made. However, if you hydrate your interior skin, you can prevent to have too much oily face. I actually do not use the oil paper not as much as before I use this cream anymore. Don’t forget to avoid greasy food or trans fats as well.




eye creamEye cream (ginseng) – Wrinkles can be remarkable when our skin got dry, so it should be cared with eye cream not to make skin around eyes dry so fast. The more people get older, the more the wrinkles around eyes and mouth get increased. I am sure that every woman is worrying or thinking about how to reduce them. One of my skin problems is wrinkles as well, so I’ve started using this ginseng eye cream from I’M FROM. Ginseng basically has a lot of benefits for our skin by boosting circulation of blood vessels, so it is not a bad idea of applying the eye cream on the whole face. This actually is a recommendation from a co-worker in my team. Since its texture is not too heavy or light, not only it gives moisture but also it stays longer on my skin until I wake up.

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