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Which part of your face do you have acnes? and do you know why you have there?

Do you know why you have acnes on a specific part of your face? The acnes might be telling you that you have problems in your body. Now, I am telling you what part in our body tells as acnes on our face.




  • Forehead

Most of you have had acnes on forehead when you were in middle or high school. The forehead acnes are mostly caused during adolescence. In this case, the skin would be better once the adolescence is over. For another reason, forehead hair may cause acnes since the hair with dust or applied hair styling products such as hair gel or wax touches forehead skin. If the hair keeps stimulating forehead skin, it might cause acnes easily. If all these reasons not, it might because of excessive secretion of sebum. The acnes can be seen when your bladder or large intestine’s condition is not that good.


  • Nose

I am sure people get stressed when acnes appear on your nose or some parts where acnes can be seen remarkably. Nose is the part that produces the largest amount of secretion of sebum on our face, and it is the main reason of causing acnes on nose. Furthermore, acnes on nose can be caused by food or indigestion.


  • Cheeks

I would say there are large three reasons of causing acnes on cheeks. First, if your inner skin is lack of moisture, too much oil will be produced to protect dry skin surface. Since cheeks are the largest parts of our face, you will know the difference after skin care or drinking lots of water every day. If you think this is your story, you’d better give more water into the skin. Next, external stimulus can be the reason. If you have dirty pillow cover or touch your face with dirty hands, these can cause acnes. Cleaning is very important for not only your skin but also your health. It should be kept regularly for your skin.


  • Chin

Most women would know that acnes come out during their period on the whole face or chin only. It’s because of hormone imbalance and built toxins in the body. Mainly acnes on chin are known as adult acnes and it is more prevalent in women than in men. When their uterus or bladder are weak, it can cause acnes on chin.


These are not 100% sure, but as I have researched and heard for a long because sometimes those are my skin problems, these can be the reasons that cause acnes on any specific parts of face. Whatever the problems are, drinking lots of water, great skin care including cleansing are very important to keep your skin healthy. The most important thing is trying to avoid getting stress for your skin and total body.




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