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Mugwort will be one of your body care items, and this is why.

People in out of Korea or Asian countries might not be familiar with mugwort, or even for people who know it, they do not really know how mugwort is used for. Mugwort is very well known for a kind of herbs that have a lot of good virtue of medicine in Korea. It is used for beauty items, food and even for Chinese medicine.



  • Beauty

Mugwort gives an effect of calming (anti-inflammatory) and anti-aging, so there are lots of beauty items containing right and good ingredients for each item. Skincare items might contain some ingredients of anti-inflammatory to reduce acne problem, redness and flaws on the face. Also, it can contain some other ingredients from mugwort which is good for anti-aging. Mugwort generally contains lots of vitamin so it reduces active oxygen, and it also reduces the combination of unsaturated fatty acid and oxygen so that it can prevent cellular aging. Moreover, mugwort has sterilizing action and some ingredients that help female disorder, so we can find feminine cleansers or sanitary pads that have these ingredients in Korea.



  • Food

Mugwort is not the food that can be seen every season. It normally comes out in March and it means the picked mugwort in March is very fresh and its condition is ready to make food or other products. People in Korea usually use mugwort to make food and they are familiar with it just like people are familiar with green tea. Because it has its own scent and taste, people make food such as;

– mugwort cake / rice cake / pancake

– mugwort tea / latte

There are lots of people who eat some kinds of special food only for their beauty-care. Some eat vegetables or fish avoiding fried food, and others might have their own house-made food for their own beauty-care. Since food industry is getting bigger and bigger, there is a wide variety of food to choose for special beauty or skin care. I am sure that food made with mugwort will be one of the special food for skincare very soon all over the world.



  • Medicine

People in Asian countries might be familiar with using mugwort as a material of medicines. For example, in an acupuncture in Korea, doctor provides moxibustion which is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort on particular points on the body. It is well known as one of medical methods to make body warm so the blood circulation can be improved. It is also good for people who has a trouble with their digestive organs. Even though people do not take any medicines, only through moxibustion, they can feel the effect right after it.


It basically has the same or similar effect of mugwort by applying on skin, eating or getting medical procedure. There would be some people who get a reaction differently against mugwort, but most people who knows mugwort like its effect and know how it helps their body better. I personally really recommend you to use whatever having ingredients of mugwort. It can be your one of favorite body care items.



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