Demystifying Toner – What is It and How to Use It

These days, many people are interested in and try to establish one’s new skincare routine. There are numerous reasons why you should value and protect your skin. Above all, skin is one of the largest organs that your body has. Its main job is to protect your body from pollution and harmful elements floating around you. Like you take calcium supplement to protect your bone and prevent osteoporosis, you should take special care of your skin in order to protect your skin in order to have it do its job better and longer. In addition, most people want to have beautiful skin. And you – who have visited this blog and are reading this post – would probably be more concerned about your skin than normal people. You must make certain efforts to obtain something you desire, and beautiful skin is no exception. In addition, all skin types are different. Your friend’s skincare routine might look great, but it might not be suitable for you. So, in sum, you must establish your own skincare routine. And one of the key elements in a typical Korean skincare routine is toner.

Korean skincare routine is toner
  • Functions of Toner

First of all, applying toner can be considered as a last step in cleansing process that removes remaining makeup, impurities, dead skins, or residues left from the cleanser. By getting rid of these pore-clogging factors, you can prevent skin irritations.

Secondly, toner restores the skin’s natural pH balance. The pH level of the skin refers to how acidic or alkaline it is. On a scale of 1 to 14, with 1 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline, for your skin to remain balanced, your acid mantle should stay slightly acidic with a pH of about 4.5 to 5.5. The acid mantle, or the skin’s first line of defense, protects skin against external influences like pollution, allergens, and bacteria. Once your skin’s pH level goes above 6.5 and becomes alkaline, your acid mantle would be compromised, thus your skin becomes vulnerable to pollution, allergens, bacteria, and other types of infections. Consequently, active oxygen, which accelerates skin aging, increases. So, the alkalization of the skin is a recipe for skin aging. Therefore, maintaining proper pH balance of skin is the first step to anti-aging, which would be the ultimate goal for skincare.

Last but not least, your skin rapidly dries after you wash your face. If you do not apply skincare product that helps boot moisture in your skin immediately, your skin should be damaged. I won’t have to emphasize the importance of moisturizing, do I? It is the basic of skincare, regardless of one’s skin type. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or normal skin, you must always keep extra attention in hydrating and moisturizing your skin.

keep extra attention in hydrating and moisturizing your skin
  • Different Ways to Use Toner

There are various ways to apply toner on the skin. I would like to introduce two basic, popular ways to use toner for you. First method is to simply use your hand. Take appropriate amount of toner on your hand and absorb it to your skin. Second method is to use cotton pad. Take appropriate amount of toner on the cotton pad and softly wipe off skin. This method focuses on the cleansing function of toner. You can get rid of remaining makeup, impurities, dead skins, or residues left from the cleanser and refresh your skin. If you want to maximize the effects of your toner, or for days when your skin is feeling extra dry, after you can soak about 3 cotton pads with the toner and leave the pads on your skin for about 5 minutes.

Rice Toner
  • I’m From Rice Toner

I recommend I’m From’s Rice Toner to you. Rice has been beloved by Koreans as a natural whitening ingredient from the times of Joseon dynasty. Women of Joseon dynasty used to wash their face with water previously used to wash rice. Washing face with water used to wash rice make skin bright and elastic. Also, various minerals, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and other elements deliver rich nutrition to the skin. Using rice is a traditional Korean aesthetic treatment, in which you can discover the wisdom of Korean women.

Rice Toner

I’m From’s Rice Toner if formulated with 77.78% rice extract. It contains rice of Yeoju, one of the most famous producers of rice in Korea. As Yeoju is also popular as a home of pottery for more than a thousand years, its soil is rich in organic matters. Farmers do not use chemical fertilizers nor agricultural pesticides. Instead, they adhere to traditional methods and cultivate rice along with the natural ecosystem, receiving help from different insects such as mudfish and birds. Consequently, rice of Yeoju contains more fiber compared to other rice. It also contains plenty of active materials including essential amino acid, lysine, etc.

I’m From Rice Toner, made from Yeoju rice, will soothe and moisture your skin. It will at the same time brighten your skin and make it glow. Experience the whitening and elasticity effect of Yeoju rice, the beauty secret of Korean women for centuries, with I’m From’s Rice Toner. 🙂

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