Cooling down skin – 5 ways to cool down skin

Wouldn’t it be great to lay down in the pool every day, whole days long on warm summer days, for whole of the summer? Unfortunately, that is not possible. Well, in fact, it is actually possible. But does it sound like a reality? Nah, not really hah.

Luckily there are some ways to cool yourself down! Of course the most important ones are drinking enough cold drinks (especially water), eat ice cream, cool yourself down with water throughout the day, etc. These are quite standard ones.

But how to cool down your skin’s temperature effectively?

It would come in handy in summer season after all!

Let’s look at 5 ways to do this 🙂

5 Ways to cool down skin

1. Cooling masks

A recommendation for a mask to use is the Chica y Chico Good Night Peel Off Mask!! It literally makes the skin feels cooled down as you apply it, and even after peeling it off you still feel the freshness! To compare, I applied it on one hand and arm and the other not. There was even difference in the color! The hand and arm I applied to peeling mask on was less red than the other one. It felt sooo relieving, fresh, and cooled down!! And the minty smell also felt like it opened up my airways when I was smelling the mask on my skin haha. And as it is a peel off mask, it is easy to remove instead of having to wash it all off!

Chica y Chico – Cool Night Peel Off Mask

CHICA Y CHICO - Cool Night Peel-off Mask

2. Aloe Vera Gel

Gel type of cosmetics often make the skin feel cooled down, if you haven’t really tried it, I’d say try it instead of a cream moisturizer in summer if your skin feels very warm and heated. I’d say take a handy sized tube of gel moisturizer (especially Aloe Vera) with you, and you can cool yourself down whenever and wherever! Get it now why there are so many after sun care products with Aloe Vera in them? The pulp of the Aloe Vera is rich of water, soothes and hydrates the skin. On top of that if it is a gel type, gel texture is more watery and lighter than cream textures and soaks into the skin faster.

I personally love to use gel textures in summer especially with Aloe Vera as main ingredient, it feels so cooling!!

Aloe Vera Gel

3. Mist (Face mist / Body mist)

A popular tip would be to take showers several times a day to keep cooling down your skin, but this is not always possible to do during the day. Therefore, a mist would come in very handy. Both at home and outside. You could buy one or make one yourself!!

Again, a good mist would be one that its main ingredient is Aloe Vera! But a good hydrating mist would mostly feel great on a warm day to cool down your skin. And it’s easy and convenient too. You could make one out of tea, that is the easiest and most effective way! A great tea for this is Green Tea! Green tea is seen as a natural skin toner which detoxifies the skin! It reduces inflammation and refreshes the skin! Another great mix is mixing Coconut water and aloe vera juice. If you want, you can add sweet almond oil and macadamia oil to add more great skin benefits! Coconut is often used to cool and soothe sunburned skin. Chamomile tea is also a great option as it is gentle and soothing for the skin. There are so many options for a fresh and cooling face mist!

Mist (Face mist / Body mist)

4. Mint and Green Tea

Looking back at the peel off mask which is mainly based on mint, mint does naturally cool down as you might have noticed. Even when you smell mint the airways feel cooled down, and when you chew it – it obviously tastes very fresh too! And the green tea also makes its comeback. Nothing can go wrong with these two! And both very soothing, cooling and relieving. Make the tea as you normally would with boiling water, but then extra tea bags instead of only 1. 3 to 5 tea bags are suggested. Add around 3 cups of mint leaves. It is important to let the mint really deliver all its good qualities into the tea, so close the lid and let it cool for around one hour. You can take cotton pads or a soft cloth, soak it into the liquid and apply it on your skin. You can also use it as a mask and leave it on until you feel the cooling properties are gone. Then you can again apply or leave it on to your liking.

Mint and Green Tea

5. Cool down blood

This is a “golden” tip that you can apply for all the above steps! You can apply all the above steps everywhere you feel hot or flushed of course, but~ to make it easier I bet you maybe already heard about putting your wrists under running cold water or other parts like your neck. In case you might not know why, it is because the skin there is very thin and quite some important veins are there. If these parts are well cooled, the “cooled down-ness” will automatically flow through the rest of your body.

So these above steps can be done easily on for example your wrists or neck. Or instead of taking a cool shower several times a day, quickly cool down your wrists and/or neck!

Cool down blood

We hope these tips might be helpful for you this summer! ❤️ Like always, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments or go to the Chica y Chico global Instagram @chicaychico__global.

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