Simple Lazy Summer Skincare Routine – Tips

Often in summer you might feel like taking everything slow. The warmth is tiring and you just want to relax back, and do as less as possible through the day. Most of us have been through these kind of summer days as it is a common thing among us humans.

What does this have to do with skincare? Well, as you might know taking as good possible care of your skin takes some time and quite some steps. And of course, it is recommended to try and still take as much needed time for your skin as possible, and if you have the time and energy to apply many steps, then keep doing that!

But if you really have these lazy summer days and want to still take care of your skin but don’t have the energy to apply lots of steps you can shorten down the steps to the basic essentials. But still as good of a routine as possible for in the summer.

Essentials in your summer skincare routine

First, we will start off with some summer skincare essentials ideal for the summer. These will be from k-beauty brands SKIN&LAB, I’m From and Chica y Chico.


Why is it essential?

In summer especially your skin produces a lot of waste like sweat and oil. It is logical to clean your face if you wear makeup, but even if you don’t wear makeup, take that into consideration!! 😊 Because if you don’t cleanse your skin well in summer, all of this waste will clog your pores and this will end up in breakouts such as acne, blackheads and whiteheads!

Chica y Chico – Killing Star Cleanser

An easy way of double cleansing is with the Chica y Chico Killing Star Cleanser, so you will be double cleansing in only one step!! Effectively lazy, innit?? 😀

Chica y Chico – Killing Star Cleanser
CHICA Y CHICO – Killing Star Cleanser


Why is it essential?

After cleanser to balance and prepare your skin for the rest!! It will minimize the pores, especially in summer your pores can appear bigger than normally because of the warm temperature. And depending on the toner you use to target your skin problem or skin type it will enhance your skin as toners are very light and therefore penetrates deeply.

I’M FROM – Rice Toner (Recommended for normal + dehydrated skin, oily + dehydrated skin, or combination + dehydrated skin)

I'M FROM - Rice Toner
I’M FROM – Rice Toner

SKIN&LAB – Vita Energy Toner & Mist (Recommended for normal, oily or combination skin)

SKIN&LAB - Dr. Vita Clinic Vita Energy Toner & Mist
SKIN&LAB – Dr. Vita Clinic Vita Energy Toner & Mist

Chica y Chico – Tota-S Toner (Recommended for acne prone and sensitive skin)

CHICA Y CHICO – Tota-S Toner

Moisturizer / Cream

Why is it essential?

A cream will further treat and give the moisture your skin needs!

I’m From – Mugwort Cream

Especially the Mugwort cream feels very refreshing, soothing, and relieving! It has a texture between gel and cream.

I'm From Cream
I’m From Cream

SKIN&LAB – Barrierderm Intensive Cream

This cream is highly moisturizing and creates the barrier your skin needs, therefore the skin will be protected against breakouts, which happens more often in warmer seasons.

SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution Intensive Cream
SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution Barrierderm Intensive Cream


Why is it essential?

Wow.. yeah why? I wonderrr~ haha
I think you can guess for yourself why sunscreen is an essential, especially in summer :’)

SKIN&LAB – Fre C Sun Lotion

SKIN&LAB - Fre C Sun Lotion
SKIN&LAB – Fre C Sun Lotion

Fun, and cool (like.. both the “cool” temperature wise and cool like.. that it’s coooool dude 😎 lol) extra step to include in the routine between cleansing and toner in. And it’s veeeery satisfying in the summer!

Chica y Chico – Cool Night Peel Off Mask

CHICA Y CHICO - Cool Night Peel-off Mask
CHICA Y CHICO – Cool Night Peel-off Mask

And after all whenever you’re lazy and just want to lay down, you can put on a hydrating sheet mask, always easy!! And so cooling in the summer too 😍

I’m From – Mugwort Sheet Mask

I’M FROM – Mugwort Sheet Mask

Morning routine

The above-mentioned essentials in the same order as they are mentioned:

Cleanser > Toner > Cream > Sunscreen

Night routine

The above-mentioned essentials in the same order as they are mentioned:

Cleanser > (Peel off mask) > Toner > Cream (You can add an extra layer to make it like a sleeping mask some days too!)

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