Airplane skincare – Simple skincare ideal for traveling!

With summer coming up, lots of people will have their summer break!! And mostly that is related to traveling!

And when we travel, it is always nice to travel comfortably and not carry lots of heavy stuff. Keeping things as simple as possible while traveling is always welcome, right?

That’s why today we will be looking at some simple skincare for traveling, both in the airplane and while traveling itself.

Airplane skincare – Simple skincare ideal for traveling!

Simple skincare while traveling – Airplane skincare

While traveling, skincare is important! Especially in the airplane because the air in the cabin may dehydrate your skin, that is why it is important to keep your skin hydrated in the airplane. But also related to bacteria, in skincare routines it is always suggested to have clean hands before applying to your face. Even in your own place. But especially also public spaces you have to be more careful, and it is harder to wash your hands in any public space like an airplane. And public spaces like the airplane might have even more different bacteria compared to your own place, so hygiene is also very important!

Also, if you’re traveling to another country, the climate/weather, and air may be different than what your skin is used to. Especially when stepping out of the airplane, (especiallllyyy out of the airport), the different climate can come in as a smack in the face. So it is very important to take care of your skin and make it well prepared too!

You might already know that into the airplane you may not take more than 100ml. Related to this we will also give you some tips.

Effective must-have skincare products under 100ml, allowed to take with you in the airplane

First of all, before we start with this part, in the beginning I thought that taking any skincare samples that I had into the airplane might of be a good idea, and well it might be handy. But I won’t recommend it if you never used that product before as you might not know how your skin reacts to it.

And of course, you can put your current skincare products into these empty travel bottles! But if you want a ready package, one that you can take with you easily while traveling around, might also be nice if you are in search of some suggestions.

Okay, let’s go on!

1. SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution – Barrierderm Repair Ampoule [55ml]

SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution Barrierderm Repair Ampoule

2. SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution – Barrierderm Intensive Cream [50ml]

SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution Intensive Cream

3. SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution – Barrierderm Relief Balm [45ml]

SKIN&LAB – Dr. Derma Solution Barrierderm Relief Balm

4. SKIN&LAB – Oxygen Ultimate Brightening Essence [50ml]

SKIN&LAB - Oxygen Ultimate Brightening Essence [50ml]

5. SKIN&LAB – Dr. Vita Clinic – Vitamin creams [30ml]

SKIN&LAB – Dr. Vita Clinic – Vitamin creams [30ml]

6. I’m From – Mugwort Sheet Mask

I’m From – Mugwort Sheet Mask

7. SKIN&LAB – Fre-C Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA++++ [50ml]

SKIN&LAB - Fre-C Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA++++ [50ml]

Why are these so ideal?

The SKIN&LAB Dr. Derma Solution Barrierderm line is ideal because it not only takes care of the skin by hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, and calming down the skin – but also, as the name says, creates a barrier for the skin! The skin will always be protected from the breakouts and therefore new environments will be less of a problem! And of course, because it is so ultra-hydrating, the drying air in airplanes won’t be much of a problem! Also, you can use it anywhere on your body, not only your face.

The SKIN&LAB Oxygen Ultimate brightening essence is great because of the o2 that purifies the skin from deep inside the skin to the outside. The o2 essence will help the skin to breathe and therefore brighten it up. It will purify, moisturize, nourish, detox, tighten the skin, and soothe it. Because of the o2 going into the skin it removes the skin waste to purify so it can detox. It removes active oxygen that will cause the aging of the skin, leaving the skin moist and glowing. When applying to the skin it is like a cream, and then it will turn into tiny bubbles. When the bubbles appear you tap it gently further into the skin. Therefore, this is very refreshing, especially in the airplane cabin!!

Next, the SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Vitamin creams. These are especially handy as you can mix and match them to personalize!! Check below some combinations!

SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Vitamin creams
SKIN&LAB Dr. Vita Vitamin creams

Furthermore, a sheet mask is allllllways nice in the airplane! Just sit back, relax and let the mask do its work! It will hydrate your skin deeply, as the 91.45% Mugwort extract nourishes and moisturizes the skin. It will calm and soothe the skin as well!

Last but not least, sunscreen peepz!! As if we haven’t talked about it enough already on this blog. Haha~ The SKIN&LAB Fre-C Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA++++ will not only protect your skin from the sun but this sunscreen hydrates and brightens the skin because of the included Centella extract and Vitamin C too. It has no white cast and the finish is matte. The main ingredients are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Centella Asiatica Extract. The Vitamin C antioxidates, neutralizes the active oxygen, and decreases the melanin that is created, repressing the enzyme of the produced melanin. The vitamin E protects and blocks damaged skin and decreases pigmentation. Oh and the Centella Asiatica Extract calms damaged skin to improve pigmentation and dullness. It prevents dryness of skin and controls the skin’s condition too. It has a light texture without being oily or sticky.

We know it is important to wear it daily, and especially traveling around and going on a vacation. And then especialllyyy when there is more sun exposure in the country you are going to. But let’s look at this: The sun might be so much more damaging if you are sitting next to the window of the airplane, high in the sky, above the sky, while the sun is out… yeah kind of a scary thought. Airplane windows will most likely for the most part have UVB protection, but UVA will still penetrate through the glass (UVB causes sunburns, UVA rays reach the skin at a deeper level being able to cause skin cancer.), but it won’t be fully blocking out all of it.

Be sure to re-apply every 2 hours~ and it is suggested to wait 30 minutes before going out after applying the sunscreen and if you put makeup on top of your sunscreen, it is best to wait 3-5 minutes.


Are you going to travel this year? If yes, to where?

Furthermore, if you have any questions, leave a comment or send a DM to our Instagram @skinnlab_global ❤️

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