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Mugwort: Its multifunctional health and skincare benefits, and its Korean history – Discover Mugwort facts with “I’m From”

There are several kinds of mugwort, deriving from different places. But in this blog post we will be taking a look at the Korean mugwort (Ssuk/쑥). It has a rich history in Korea and nowadays has several uses, providing lots of good benefits as well. Let’s find out more!


What is it and why is it good?
Mugwort is an aromatic, root-based plant. It contains antioxidants and is antibacterial. It protects the skin and has anti-inflammatory, soothing properties. For the skin it can treat dry and irritated skin, relieving redness on the skin. Therefore, it is a good ingredient for eczema and psoriasis too. Some people apply mugwort skincare products to the skin to relieve the itchiness caused by burn scars as well. Furthermore, as for health benefits people take the mugwort root to boost energy. The mugwort plant is also taken (in this case mostly in tea form) for stomach problems like cramps, diarrhea, constipations, etc. It is especially used a lot by the female for menstrual cramps. It also stimulated and regulates the menstruation. On top of this all it boosts the immune system, increases the minerals in the bones, and is used in products against mental problems, fatigue, anxiety, and stress.

History of Mugwort (in Korea)
Mugwort has been part of the Korean culture since the beginning of time, as a healing herb. There is a legend behind the first Korean dynasty, and mugwort plays a big lead in this tale. This myth is called “Dangun”.

The Korean myth about the tiger, the bear, and mugwort, “Dangun”
Most of the versions of this myth takes place in the year of 2333 BCE. The first Korean kingdom was called “Joseon”, with it’s founding father which was Emperor Dangun, which was the first Korean King. The actual story began before the birth of Dangun. There was a God who lived in the heavens, called Hwanung. He was the son of Hwanin. But Hwanung wanted to live on Earth. He descended down, to the peak of the Taebaeksan Mountain (beneath Sindansu by a sacred tree), together with 3,000 followers, where Hwanung ruled over the people of the land with his noble aim of benefiting the humankind.

Then the two animals came, a bear and a tiger. They came to Hwanung and asked him to let them become human. That is where the Mugwort came in. Hwanung gave them Mugwort and Garlic. They had to avoid sunlight for 100 days and live on the Mugwort and Garlic Hwanung gave them. The tiger gave up but the bear continues and became a woman, called “Ungnyeo” (Bear Woman). She wanted a baby and so she prayed beneath the sacred tree for a baby. Hwanung heard her prayers, transformed himself into a human to wed her. A son was born, “Dangun”, the first Korean king, founder of the first Korean Kingdom.

Different kinds of Mugwort
There are different kinds of Mugwort, identified as species of the Genus Artemisia. So there are Korean mugwort, Chinese mugwort, Douglas mugwort, Alpine mugwort, Oriental mugwort, Norwegian mugwort, Hoary mugwort, etc. Each of them growing in their own parts of the world.

In this case, as earlier mentioned, it is about the Mugwort from Korea, “Ssuk”/”Sook”. This specific Mugwort is from Ganghwa, Korea.

Different ways it is used
Next to it being used in skincare products, it is often used as tea. Nowadays in Korea, it is popular in foods. For example soups, salads, cakes, rice cakes, and different desserts and snacks. It is also used in Mugwort baths in Spas to relieve pain and boost circulation.

I’m from – Mugwort skincare product line

The K-beauty brand “I’m From” has a line of products that is based on Mugwort: the essence, wash off mask, sheet mask, and cream. You can find the products, benefits, and how to implement them into your skincare routine below 😊

I’m From – Mask

I'm From Mask
I’m From Mask

This Mugwort Mask is a wash off mask, also calming and soothing the skin.

It contains 2.1% Mugwort, is full of minerals and vitamins and cools the skin. As it has a gel texture it regulates the heat of the skin. You can put it on your whole face and apply a thick layer on parts of the skin with inflammations, sensitivity and/or acne.

In skincare routine: After cleansing and rinse with water after 5-10 minutes. As it is so gentle you can use it everyday!

I’m From – Essence

I'm From Essence
I’m From Essence

Consisting of only one ingredient, this essence is purely 100% Mugwort with no other ingredient.

The thin and watery texture cleanses and detoxes the skin easily. It helps with acne, sensitive and irritated skin. It heals, calms skin and replenishes youth and energy. It absorbs very well into the skin and the face feels refreshed and healthy.

In your skincare routine: Use this essence after toner.

I’m From – Sheet Mask

I'm From Sheet Mask
I’m From Sheet Mask

This Mugwort sheet mask contains 91.45% pure Mugwort extract, being able to moisturize and soothe the skin. It leaves the skin looking radiant and healthy. The sheet is made out of a 100% plant-based sheet.

In skincare routine: After cleansing the face (or if you use the essence and/or other products/treatments, apply the sheet mask (before eye cream and moisturizer).

I’m From – Cream

I'm From Cream
I’m From Cream

The newest little cutie in the line coming up! The cream!! 🙂 This cream consists of 73.55% Mugwort and I myself personally really like the texture!! It is between a cream and gel and feels like it soothes and calms the skin when applying!! It spreads really easily too. Just like the other Mugwort products it delivers the Mugwort benefits such as calming down the skin, soothing it – all in all taking fully care of (especially) sensitive, troubled, and acne-prone skin! On top of this all lets not forget how moisturized it leaves the skin~💖

In skincare routine: Both at am and pm apply it to the whole face as the moisturizer step! So after the sheet mask if you use it!!

(Link to selling page will be updated when it is out!!) ❤️

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, etc. you can leave it in comments or go to the @imfrom_global Instagram. You can also share your experience with the I’m From products you own on Instagram, and we will repost it on our story! 😊


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