Cooling down skin; Quiz – Flushed, hot skin: Why is my skin in need of cooling? Causes, solution and tips

At school or at work, on your way to somewhere, when you wake up or go to bed. Anytime of the day it could occur. Or maybe non-stop, so you don’t even remember when it started in the first place. It could be coming and going several times a day too.

What are you talking about? You might think.

Well.. Looking like you are blushing the whole time.. Or it looks or feels like you are burned by the sun. Or maybe you are actually really burned by the sun. Or heat radiating through your skin from the inside out. Or situations in which your skin might even feel itchy, whether it is sensitive, irritated or none of these two.

It could be very subtle but there could be some worse situations too in which you would like to keep holding something cold against your skin.

There are so many various situations of skin that feels like it needs cooling. What is your situation (most of the time)?

In my case, even with cold weather my face feels hot. Almost as if blood gets stuck in my cheeks. And after a time it might even feel tickly, even if only one strand touches my skin. I also will feel like having to massage it with something cold, or just hold something cold against it. Whenever I have a cold bottle of something or some ice coffee I feel like putting it against my cheeks haha. In worst cases I feel like I look like Pikachu even though it may not look that bad, but it really feels like it. My hands and feet are cold most of the time. So people often ask “why do you have such cold hands?”. Well maybe my face took it all away lol.

Anyways, yeah. Let’s look at some causes and why your skin might feel like it needs cooling?

Why does my skin feels like it needs cooling?

CHICA Y CHICO – Cool Night Peel Off Mask

This mask will cool down the skin and will get rid of dead skin cells, sebum and other waste. It will also tighten the pores and soothe the skin. Even the smell is fresh and cooling!

It works well for all skin types but especially targeted towards people who want to lower the skin temperature, tighten large pores, smooth up and liven up the skin, and those who want to soothe the skin (especially because of UV light and other irritations). When you burned your skin, it is also very helpful to put this mask on it! Even as an after-sun care.

The mask has a strong adherence as it attaches tightly on the skin and peels off easily without having to pull hard on the skin.


Aloe Vera Leaf, Green Tea extracts calms down the skin as well as nourishing the skin, works as an anti-aging agent too, reduces acne and works as an anti-inflammatory.
Peppermint Leaf Extract (And different types of mint: besides peppermint, spearmint, apple mint, corn mint, and balm mint.
Centella Asiatica extract which works as an antioxidant, skin strengthener and it soothes too.

Why Peel-off?

Peel-offs are a gentle way to remove the upper part of your skin to help dull and dead skin. Next to this for smooth skin texture and cleaning pores. It will gently strip off waste and bacteria that would cause acne. And on top of this all, it is easier to remove. You don’t need water and wash it off. The peel off type will balance between oiliness and dryness.

How it works

It needs to be applied evenly as a thin (not too thick) layer on the skin. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then peel it off. After using apply toner and continue your skin care routine.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, etc. you can leave it in comments or go to the @chicaychico__global Instagram. You can also share your experience with the Chica y Chico products you own on Instagram, and we will repost it on our story! 😊

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