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You might already know that every skin type needs a different product that will target your type of skin (or you are new to skincare and don’t know, that’s okay! Good that you’re here :D). Some brands (SKIN&LAB) too, mention that the products are for any skin type and that is true, it could be used by any skin type! But to make it more effective, it is wise to choose products that targets your skin type for the best results! Therefore, in this blog we will introduce you to some SKIN&LAB product lines with explanation as to which will best fit with which skin type! It is handy to be introduced to a whole line as you might find a product in there or just easy to find multiple fitting products to fill up the holes in your skin care routine!

The following 3 lines will appear in this blog!

SKIN&LAB Lines & What products the lines exist of

  • Dr. Derma Solution – Barrierderm
    • Barrierderm Repair Ampoule
    • Barrierderm Intensive Cream
    • Barrierderm Relief Balm

  • Dr. Pore Tightening
    • Glacial Clay Mask
    • Pink Clay Mask

  • Dr. Color Effect
    • Red Serum
    • Red Cream

Find out which SKIN&LAB product line fits your skin with the Ghost Leg Game!

From your skin type, follow down the ladder and take the turn at every horizontal line meeting the vertical one! So follow the paths down the ladder, taking every rung you come across.

Dr. Derma Solution – Barrierderm

Best for: Dry Skin, Sensitive Skin

What does it do?
The barrierderm line of products is very focused on hydrating the skin from within to the outside. You will get to know why it does this so good by looking at its key ingredients:

Key ingredients
All three products’ key ingredients in this line are Fila-Seed, Ceramide, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic acid

Simply said, this ingredient saves moisture. Our own skin cells do naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid to maintain moisture levels. It attracts moisture, helping the cells save as much as possible to make your skin feel and appear hydrated, glowing and plumpy! One gram of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold to six litres of water!! Hyaluronic acid therefore regulates moisture within the cells to not overdose your cells with moisture! Besides this all, it works as an antioxidant as well, so it acts like a barrier against radicals we can’t control, for example pollution. “Acid” may sound scary but it does not strip the skin and is completely safe!


The fila-seed (Filaggrin/Filament aggregating protein) is another moisturizing ingredient. Its main functions are composing, protecting and strengthening the skin barrier. Because of this, it is very good against breakouts and preventing acne. It is a protein that connects to balancing stem cells in the skin and is responsible for the skin barrier function. For example, eczema is linked to a genetic lack of filaggrin. This protein is a structural protein that is essential in the skin barrier’s development and maintenance.


This ingredient vitalizes moisture. In the top layer of the skin, skin cells are hold together by ceramides. It provides a protection layer, plumping the skin and retaining moisture. Simply seen, it is like a glue holding parts together. Ceramides are fats found naturally in the upper layer of the skin and make up over 50% of the composition of the skin. It holds the skin together, making a protective layer and for that reason limiting loss of moisture and protecting against damages caused by pollution and other external damaging factors.

  • Barrierderm Repair Ampoule

Why the repair ampoule?
An ampoule is full of active ingredients and as it is used after toner it is one of the skin care products that penetrates very deeply into the skin. It is basically a serum but then a serum times 10.

  • Barrierderm Intensive Cream

Why the intensive cream?
The part that says “Intensive” already says it. It is a high moisturizing cream, while creating a barrier to prevent the moisture from getting out of the skin.

  • Barrierderm Relief Balm

Why the relief balm?
The relief balm is very a thicker moisturizer and butter-like, forming a moisturizing barrier layer on the skin. It will lock up all the moisture in the deeper layers of your skin, preventing it from escaping while the skin picks up all the good ingredients!

Dr. Pore tightening

Best for: Oily Skin, Combination skin, Open Pores

What does it do?
This line, as the name already says, is focused on tightening the pores! This line keeps the pores clean and minimizes enlarged pores while not drying out the skin. It also calms down skin and the moisture will not escape so that after washing your skin is still moist.

Key ingredients

  Glacial clay mask Pink clay mask
Key ingredients Canadian glacial clay
It works as an anti-aging ingredient. It improves the skin’s tone, texture, hydration, blood circulation, and removes accumulated dead skin cells, bacteria, toxins and other waste from the skin. It puts back minerals beneficial to the skin and protects the skin.  

Tea Tree Leaf
It calms breakouts, is a natural exfoliant and bioactive. Is especially is a good ingredient for facial cleansing and to calm down the skin.  

This ingredient is responsible for leaving the moisture in your skin after washing off the mask. It also works as a pH balancer of dry and itchy skin. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and antioxidant abilities.
Pink Clay from France and Pink Flower Complex
The French pink clay and pink flower complex mildly cares pores, removes dead skin cells by cleansing skin, and controls sebum  

Calamine, Broccoli, and Vegetable Oil
The extracts from the calamine and broccoli rapidly soothes sensitive skin and the vegetable oil protects the skin from harmful environments. Skin therefore will be moist even after using the mask. Calamine is a medication for mild itchiness.
  • Glacial Clay Mask

Why the Glacial Clay Mask?
This wash off clay mask absorbs sebum deep from inside the pores. It removes waste and oil that causes acne. It tightens and shrinks pores. This is done by a 3 pore care system: Clean, Contract, Care. It firms up the pores and skin, cooling it down. As for breakouts, it calms breakouts down because of the tea tree leaf ingredient. It balances your skin, controls sebum, hydrates, treats acne, and cleanses deeply. It goes for a matt finish but leaves the moisture after washing off the mask. Because of the oatmeal it doesn’t dry out your skin.

  • Pink Clay Mask

Why the Pink Clay Mask?
This wash off clay mask refines, purifies and brightens the skin. It cleanses the skin deeply, gently taking out waste from the pores while tightening the pores. The skin will feel very hydrated, smooth, and soft. Dull, darker skin will brighten up and will be glowing. This clay has a moist finish.

Dr. Color effect – Red Serum & Cream

Best for: Achieving tighter, younger, and brighter skin – Anti-aging and wrinkle fighter

What does it do?
The SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Serum helps to achieve glowing skin and achieving younger skin too. It is soothing and helps getting firm skin. Besides these points it also brightens the skin, works anti-aging and balances the skin’s oil and moisture for achieving and maintaining youthful skin. It does work as a strong anti-oxidant too.

It is suitable for all skin types and it doesn’t matter what age you are! But it is even more perfect if you have dull, dehydrated skin!

Key ingredients
Phyto red complex, Niacinamide, and Adenosine.

Phyto red complex

The Phyto Red Complex consists of red colored fruits (Pomegranate, Cloudberry, Lycium, Acaiberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry). The red ingredients that are rich in the red colored fruits are called lycopene and ellagic. These ingredients prevent oxidization, resists collagen damage and therefore protects the skin.


This is an active ingredient approved by the KFDA for whitening effect. This ingredient is also known as vitamin B3. Furthermore, as it works together with your skin’s natural substances as it helps against enlarged pores, an uneven skin tone, dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines, improving firm skin.


This is an active ingredient for wrinkle improvement, approved by the KFDA too. This ingredient is natural and functions as a good soothing and an agent for restoring the skin. It also heals wounds faster. It has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen, this is the reason why it can heal wounds faster, promoting tissue repair too.

  • Red Serum

Why the red serum?
A serum is a lightweight moisturizer that is not thick while it is full of good ingredients. As it is lightweight and based on absorbing well it penetrates deeper into the skin. As it reaches so deep into the skin it delivers all these important ingredients from an as deep layer as possible.

  • Red Cream

Why the red cream?
Creams always give an extra layer and boost of moisture, plus it locks in all of the previous ingredients and moisture that the skin absorbed!!


It is okay to puzzle a little bit around and put products of different lines together to fir your skin type or “problem”. Here an example, you might have oily skin, but sensitive spots. You can take a product from the Dr. Pore Tightening for your oily skin, while also using a product from the K Plus Red-X for the sensitive parts!

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests, etc. you can leave it in comments or go to the @skinnlab_global Instagram. You can also share your experience with the SKIN&LAB products you own on Instagram.

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