Serum in skincare routine for a firm, youthful skin! SKIN&LAB Red Serum

Though it is not compulsory to have a serum in your skincare routine, a serum is definitely great and important to have in your skin care routine. It is very good to invest in if you’d like to really take good care of your skin and age as slow as possible to remain having youthful skin.

Why should I use a serum?

Because a serum is a lightweight moisturizer that is not thick while it is full of good ingredients. As it is lightweight and based on absorbing well it penetrates deeper into the skin. As it reaches so deep into the skin it delivers all these important ingredients from an as deep layer as possible. Serums are applied after toner and before you apply more (heavier/thicker) products on your face, so it is really one of the steps that reaches the deepest of your skin. It helps to give your skin a more fresh, awake and youthful look.

If you feel like your skin is not firm enough, is irritated or sensitive, is not well balanced and looks dull or has dark spots we will give you a recommendation that might help you~!

Here in this blog you will read about the k-beauty product, SKIN&LAB Red Serum. Hopefully this might help you compare products if you are searching for a fitting serum or are thinking about using a serum and don’t really know where to start!

Dr. Color Effect: Red Serum

For what is it good?

The SKIN&LAB Dr. Color Effect Red Serum helps to achieve glowing skin and achieving younger skin too. It is soothing and helps getting firm skin. Besides these points it also brightens the skin, works anti-aging and balances the skin’s oil and moisture to achieve and maintain youthful skin. It works as a strong anti-oxidant as well.

It is suitable for all skin types and it doesn’t matter what age you are! This red serum is popular by a wide age range! It especially is popular for people in the age range of 20 to 50 years~! So maybe not only you would love it but your parents too!! Haha.


Let’s list the key ingredients first and then you can read more about what each ingredient exactly does! The key ingredients are the Phyto red complex, Niacinamide, and Adenosine.

Phyto Red Complex

Phyto Red Complex

The Phyto Red Complex consists of red colored fruits. The red ingredients that are rich in the red colored fruits are called lycopene and ellagic. These ingredients prevent oxidization, resists collagen damage and therefore protects the skin.

  • Lycopene

This ingredient is a plant nutrient and it has strong antioxidant properties. See how these red and pink fruits have that color? Well it’s the Lycopene that gives the fruit this color. It protects the body from damage as consequence of external factors for example free radicals. It works as an anti-inflammatory too. It helps out clogged pores and therefore reduces breakouts too.

  • Ellagic

As UV radiation causes oxidative stress (an error in the balance of the antioxidants and free radicals. It not being in balance makes it is easier for other molecules to react to it, possibly causing problems), ellagic can help with this. It also reduces inflammation and hinders enzymes that cause collagen breakdown. All this adding up to each other it improves the elasticity of the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. This is not all! It is also a very safe skin brightener.

The red fruits that are present in this Phyto red complex are Pomegranate, Cloudberry, Lycium, Acai berry, Blueberry, and raspberry.

The red fruits that are present in this Phyto red complex are Pomegranate, Cloudberry, Lycium, Acai berry, Blueberry, and raspberry.

Gives radiance and vitalizes skin

Soothes and protects skin

Moisturizes skin

Acai berry
Prevents from oxidizing and improves skin tone

Prevents oxidization

Firms and moisturizes skin


This is a by KFDA approved active ingredient for whitening effect. This ingredient is also known as vitamin B3. Furthermore, as it works together with your skin’s natural substances it helps against enlarged pores, an uneven skin tone, dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines, improving firm skin. On top of this all it also helps to restore the surface of the skin against loss of moisture and skin’s dehydration.


This is an active ingredient for wrinkle improvement, also approved by the KFDA. This ingredient is natural and functions as a good soothing and an agent for restoring the skin. It also heals wounds faster. It has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen, this is the reason why it can heal wounds faster, promoting tissue repair too.



The texture is not thin but not thick either. When you apply it for the first time it has a liiiiiiitle bit of a tacky feeling when you pat it (making the skin feel sturdy and plump, adding to achieving firm skin), the tacky feeling will disappear when absorbed. The texture is watery and able to absorb fast, leaving the skin moist. You might think that if it absorbs so fast your skin might still feel dry, that is not the case with this serum. The reason behind this is that this serum fills the skin to deep inside. And last but not least, the moisture will remain and skin won’t be dry as it is absorbed so deeply, the results will remain too on the outside of the skin. So it absorbs fast, but that doesn’t mean it will absorb to a point your skin will return dry after haha. Moisture will be locked in and radiate from the outside out.


The scent of this serum is very sweet and floral. It has a Berry and Jasmine-like smell. The smell won’t cause you to break out as it is not a harsh perfume but a relaxing natural scent! It contains Jasmine oil which might add to the Jasmine-like smell. All in all, to summarize, very floral and fruity!!

How to use it

After cleaning and toning face, apply on face, gently massage it in and pat to absorb fully.


Use together with Dr. Color Effect: Red Cream to double up the results!

Dr. Color Effect: Red Cream

You could apply the red cream after. Or if you don’t like to apply many steps of skincare (especially if you follow to extreme k-beauty routine), mix the serum with the cream and it will also absorb fast and won’t lose its nutrition.

If you have any questions regarding this product, any of our other products, skincare, K-beauty, etc., or suggestions, requests, and so on~ you can leave it in the comments or go to the @skinnlab_global Instagram. You can share your Red Serum experience (or SKIN&LAB in general) on Instagram. Have a good day! 😀

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