Clear skin with a simple spring skin care routine: Chica y Chico Tota-S Toner and the ideal acne fighting creams!

Spring is on its way! The cherry blossoms will pop out, weather will get warmer, colorful flowers and the green leaves~ All in all, nature will all come back alive! 💕🍃🌸🌼

Time flies, and seasons change. But guess what can change together with the seasons?

You might of have guessed it right~ Skin!

It’s no joke, some may experience it heavily, some not at all. And for some it is a surprise if this year’s seasons will affect the skin yes or no.

Dust, stronger UV, changes in temperature – it really affects your skin, making it more sensitive.

In winter, skin usually gets drier. In spring the chance is big it will get oilier and might cause acne and breakouts if the skin is not prepared or protected.

And this might surprise you, but! In spring you might more likely get a sunburn than in summer! The American Cancer Society mentioned that the UV rays becomes even more intense in the spring, even before the temperature gets warmer. In spring usually, the sun feels nice and warm on the skin, but it often comes with chilly winds. A lot of sudden change in temperature isn’t all too good when your skin isn’t protected and in balance. Besides this, the blooming of flowers, new extra dust in the air, and the flowers on the trees that will be pollinated by insects such as bees that will travel around in the air by wind.

So simply summarized, a lot of new stuff in the air. It will come in contact with your skin but you will also breathe it in and this could affect your skin from inside out as well.

That is why it is good to prepare yourself already before it starts. You might have heard it a lot already but preventions are always better than cures.


“Well, where to start?”.

“How do I know what to use?”

“How do I even know what I should use for my skin type?”

“What is good for my skin in spring?”

Don’t worry because we’re here for you! It’s good that you’re reading this post as we really, truly try and want to help your skin out as best as possible!

It doesn’t need to be hard to protect your skin and prevent acne breakouts at all! We know there are some people out there that don’t know where to start and that being a reason that they delay taking care of their skin or not starting at all.

Let’s make it easy for you and list some products! Products from the k-beauty brand “Chica y Chico” will be mentioned. 😊 We will integrate it in a simplified k-beauty spring skin care routine. The first step for preparation (after cleaning the skin well) is… Toner! Toner is a must as it balances your skin and prepares for whatever more that will be put on the skin.

The main products

The main important products we will be mentioning today are The Chica y Chico toner and the 3 acne fighting, skin clearing creams. One of these creams work as a spot treatment, ideal to put that extra needed attention to acne breakouts this new season. These four products will be listed first and then we will be showing you how these could be best put into a simple k-beauty spring skin care routine!


The Tota-S toner especially is ideal for the spring because, as earlier mentioned, skin can get very irritated, and sensitive.

Main ingredients:

New Zealand Totara Tree extract
This ingredient soothes problematic and sensitive skin. It works 3x better than Vitamin E. This helps to strengthen the skin barrier. Even after washing your face some remnants can be left, this toner cleans off the left-over remnants, keeping the face fresh, lively and moisturized. It soothes sensitive and irritated skin and gently removes dead skin cells using a natural, non-irritating “Hatching EX-07” formula. This formula repairs and strengthens the skin with the Totarol. Only Totarol that is certificated by the BIOGRO Newzealand is used.

Hatching EX-07
Hypo-allergenic dead cell care

Protects sensitive skin

MultiEx BSASM Plus
Contains out of Green tea, centella asiatica, licorice, chamomile, root of the Polygonum Cuspidatum (a plant commonly known as Asian or Japanese knowtweed), and root extract of the Scutellaria Baicalensis (a plant commonly known as Baikal or Chinese skullcap).
These all relieve skin irritation.


This cream (only to be used at nighttime) gently, resolves acne, and last but not least: hydrates the skin! This all combined is the reason it is called baby face cream as it will give flawless silk baby skin. 👶

Main ingredient

Butylene Glycol

This ingredient is a fatty acid from sugar beet plants and is found in a lot of nuts, vegetables and fruits. This ingredient already exists naturally in the skin and works as an exfoliator to soothe skin and moisturize it. It is gentle and improves the texture and tone of the skin.

Clears up troubled skin fast from the roots as it fights against the effects of clogged pores irritating the skin (resulting in acne).

Main ingredient

Similar to the toner with the totarol extract and Beta-salic 2.0 plus cream with the butylene Glycol.

More on the Totarol extract

It has antimicrobial anti-oxidant abilities, and thanks to this the wood of this totora tree has likely no chance of decaying. Therefore, for the skin, this extract is very effective against bacteria causing acne, being 3x stronger than Vitamin E. Because of its anti-oxidant abilities, it helps to destroy free radicals and therefore slows down the ageing process!

This spot treatment cream brightens dark spots, erases marks from breakouts and fades acne scars. Therefore, it evens the skin tone!

Main ingredient

This ingredient is an excellent damaged-skin reliever. It protects the skin against potential antioxidants. Oxidation of the skin is decaying/decomposition of the skin. It increases moisture and its retention, the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. Therefore, it decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Next to this it has UV-blocking properties, increase blood flow – increasing the circulation which in turn increases cell turnover and water retention in the skin.

Simple spring skin care routine

Let’s look at the steps first:

To keep it as simple as possible, it basically is Cleaning, toner, creams, sunscreen.

1 – CleansingChica y Chico Killing Star Cleanser

Normally double cleaning is very much recommended. But to make this as simple as possible, the Chica y Chico Killing Star cleanser is recommended. This cleanser does the double cleansing in one shot and is safe for the skin. The natural ingredients used are Hypoallergenic and is for all skin types. It goes very deep into the pores, removing all dirt, and impurities out of the deepest parts of your skin by its powerful detoxification. Important note: always cleanse your face before toner, a clean skin is the start to acne-clear skin!! Even if you had no makeup on during the day. Cleanse your face well in the morning and evening before the upcoming steps!

2 – Cleansing TonerChica y Chico Tota-S Toner

3 – Creams

3.1) Chica y Chico Beta-salic 2.0 plus – Baby face cream
! Only in night care routine.

3.2) Chica y Chico Tota-S 3.0 – Thanks to spot cream
Use as a moisturizer, put more on breakout areas.

3.3) Chica y Chico Astazet 4.0 – Acneraser cream
Use as a spot treatment.

4 – Sunscreen

Use any sunscreen to your liking that is SPF 50. Always, alllllll~ways wear sunscreen during the day. Even if there is no sun!

What users think of this product

You can always add more products into this routine, like essence, serums, ampoules, masks eye creams etc., (remember the order mostly goes from thin texture to thicker texture.), but! As the title already mentions, we wanted to make it simple, fast and easy for you so you can protect your skin in this pretty, new season! 😊 Let’s blossom together with the blossoms, be as fresh as the spring breezes, and shine brightly like the sun will!

If you have any questions regarding trying out the products, or want to tell us about your experience about these products, dealing with breakouts (especially in spring), etc. and whatever more! We’d love to read them and respond to you! You can leave a comment below or go to @chicaychico__global on Instagram! If you tried any of the products, don’t forget to mention, it will be checked out!! 😊 Thank you for reading and we hope this post helps you!!

Much love~ see you next time!!

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