Away with the dryness, SKIN&LAB Barrierderm: The moisturizing barrier your dry skin needs

SKIN&LAB Barrierderm Intensive Cream

Many people experience it: the feeling of dry skin. This feeling isn’t there to be ignored; your skin wants to let you know it is thirsty and needs the hydration! Therefore, it is important to listen to your skin. Moreover, not only the feeling can bother you, but the look of it may as well! Cracked skin, flaky skin, no glow, dullness, the list goes on. Another skin problem that seems to appear quite often are skin breakouts – acnes, red, and sensitive skin.

These are all alarming signals – your skin is telling you to take action! Or if any products you are trying to use are not working, look again if they are suitable for your skin. Products you are using might have the word “moisturizing” on it, but that does not mean your skin is always suitable. Therefore, it is good to see you here!

Just see your skin as a plant – when not given enough water it will get symptoms of dry and cracky leaves! But if the potting soil, where the plant’s roots are engraved in (the most important) is never cared for, nor refreshed, the plant will look dull even if you spray it with water on the outside!

SKIN&LAB Barrierderm intensive cream

The reason the skin was being compared to a plant this way is because if we look at SKIN&LAB’s barrierderm, it does not only moisturize the outside – but from within the inside of the skin to the outside of the skin. This is thanks to the hyaluronic acid moisture. Now you might think, “well.. what is that?”. Yes, let me explain that for you! Other important ingredients of Barrierderm intensive cream that will be explained are fila-seed and ceramide.

Main ingredients
  • Hyaluronic acid

Simply said, this ingredient saves moisture. Our own skin cells do in fact naturally produce Hyaluronic Acid to maintain moisture levels. It attracts moisture, helping the cells save as much as possible to make your skin feel and appear hydrated, glowing and plumpy! An interesting fact is that one gram of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold to six litres of water!! Hyaluronic acid therefore regulates moisture within the cells to not overdose your cells with moisture! Besides this all it works as an antioxidant as well, so it acts like a barrier against radicals we can’t control, for example pollution. “Acid” may sound scary but it does not strip the skin and is completely safe!

  • Fila-seed

The fila-seed (Filaggrin/Filament aggregating protein) is another moisturizing ingredient. Its main functions are composing, protecting and strengthening the skin barrier. Because of this, it is very good against breakouts and preventing acne. It is a protein that connects to balancing stem cells in the skin and is responsible for the skin barrier function. For example, eczema is linked to a genetic lack of filaggrin. This protein is a structural protein that is essential in the skin barrier’s development and maintenance.

  • Ceramide

This ingredient vitalizes moisture. In the top layer of the skin, skin cells are hold together by ceramides. It provides a protection layer, plumping the skin and retaining moisture. Simply seen, it is like a glue holding parts together. Ceramides are fats found naturally in the upper layer of the skin and make up over 50% of the composition of the skin. It holds the skin together, making a protective layer and for that reason limiting loss of moisture and protecting against damages caused by pollution and other external damaging factors.

The texture

The texture of this cream is very gentle, jelly-like and light, making it able to quickly be absorbed into the skin for a moist and fresh finish! The cream has little capsules in it as well containing the important ingredients, these are really soft and absorb easily. Last but not least it spreads very easily as the texture is so light and gentle (yet super moisturizing while protecting your skin!).

How to use it?
  1. After toner and essence, put moderate amount on your hand
  2. After, apply on your face and or any other part of the body
  3. Spread it out, message into your skin and afterwards pat it for even better absorption.

You can use it anytime and anywhere you feel dryness. Moreover, you can apply it when your skin breaks out for no reason. It calms and clears your skin. It is totally okay to use makeup when having this product applied because there is no stickiness and doesn’t transfer makeup.

Additional benefits

This cream can be used for body lotion as well. Besides this, the packaging is very convenient as it is a handy-sized tube and therefore not messy. Because of the size you can bring it anywhere and because it is not over 100ml you can take it with you when traveling by plane also. Ideal as your skin gets even dryer in the airplane! Last but not least, it is suited for all skin types.

What do users think of it?

What users mention the most is the instant hydration it gives, and that it provides hydration all day. Also, they noticed it really protects their skin from breakouts, having a significantly less amount of breakouts after using this cream!

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🌸 SKIN&LAB Barrierderm Intensive Cream* 🌸 I had high hopes for this when reading the name of this product and the claims on the packaging ! This cream claims to sooth and moisturize the skin. It is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on the body as well. ~ the main ingredients are fila seed, ceramide and HA ! 💧 Fila Seed (FLS) 🌟 is targeted for dry and sensitive skin. It’s a moisturizing skin protein ingredient composing our skin barrier and prevents moisture evaporation while suppressing germ and toxin infiltration. If you swipe left, you can see small capsules of this ingredients when spreading the cream. 🌕 Ceramide helps in vitalization and moisturizing our skin 😊 💦 Hyaluronic Acid helps saving the moisture in our skin. Plus, it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients 👍🏻 ~ This product might be great for :  dry skin in need of moisturizing barrier, those who feel a lack of moisture, those who have extremly dry skin, those who wants to calm their sensitive skin. ~ My thoughts  This cute purple 50ml tube comes sealed and is really convenient to use ! Since spring is here, using a gel cream doesn’t bother me. I have been using this for 3 weeks both during AM and PM and I like the light herbal scent, you can definitly smell lavander (faint smell, not overpowering at all). The texture is like a heavy gel which melts on my skin when I apply it. It is absorbed smoothly onto the skin and leaves it soothed, moisturized without stickiness with a semi matte finish, it does leave a moisturizing film tho. It works well under a heavier cream and sunscreen. Besides the moisturizing properties, I noticed my skin less sensible to the environment and it helped a lot my damaged skin. I think using it as long term, it can definitly help to strenghthen the skin barrier 😊 My dry skin loves it and since it has a heavy gel texture, it might suit all skintype ! I have so many creams in my stash, but I wouldn’t mind repurchasing this one 😊 ~ If you are curious about this product, you can grab yours at for around 18$. *Thanks @cosmetic_jolse for sending me this cream to review !

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“Dryness is gone, Barrierderm is here”

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