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I’m from magnolia _ Sleep & wake

In Korea, there are clear four seasons. Winter is too cold, so people always wait spring. Usually, weather is getting warmer on March. Animals wake up from the winter sleep and flowers prepare to bloom on their moment.

As every things are getting ready for spring, our skin need to be prepared. When spring is coming, skin is easy to be damaged. During winter season, our skin is dry and sensitive. No matter you apply good cream during in-between season, it does not work because skin is drier and rough for dead skin cells.  You have to do special care.

One of the spring flower, Magnolia, can helps your skin in all seasons. Magnolia called by lotus on tree because Magnolia bud covers petal during winter so that petal cannot be dried.

I'm from magnolia sleep mask
I’m from magnolia sleep mask

I’m from magnolia mask covers skin during sleep as like magnolia with moisture layer so that skin will be moist and glowing. Magnolia petal water fills moisture into dry skin. Texture is soft and smooth like putting real petal on skin. It is gel type so makes moisture layer on skin without stickiness. Scent is amazing. It is designed by image of blooming magnolia in spring, so scent is very fresh, romantic, and velvety.

Apply your tired skin before you go to bed.

Enjoy sleep with amazing scent and dream.

It is fine to use day time also if you think its need.

Use anytime you need moisture and tight relax for skin. If you do not have a time to do other mask, apply the magnolia mask and take a rest.

For better results, use with magnolia wake essence

I'm from magnolia wake essence
I’m from magnolia wake essence

If magnolia mask is for night time and makes skin get some rest, Magnolia wake essence is for day time and makes skin look fresh. Magnolia bloom earlier in spring with a beautiful figure. As like magnolia, wake essence wakes skin up lively and clearly.

Brighten your skin tone in the morning as purifying and moisturizing skin. Also, delicate floral scent wakes you up and makes feel good everyday.

After wash your face in the morning, apply for waking up skin.

It is better to use day and night.

If your skin looks dull and sleepy, apply wake essence so that skin looks lively and bright. Also, if you don’t like sticky finish but need moisturizing, the essence is recommendable to use.

I'm from magnolia mask & essence
I’m from magnolia mask & essence

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