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I’m from Honey mask_ Real honey, real moisturizing

We already know that honey is good ingredients for our health. Then what about skin? Honey has a lot of effects to make skin healthy and look good.

  1. Delay aging because of containing plentiful antioxidant.
  2. Complexion boost
  3. Prevent acne and calming trouble skin
  4. remove skin waste _ pore care

These are the main effects of honey. In Korea, we have this expression “Honey skin”. It means if someone has amazingly beautiful skin, such  as, clean, moist, tight, glowing, and smooth like honey, we called that person has honey skin.

Then, how can we make our skin to honey skin?

Honey mask of I'm from
Honey mask of I’m from

This honey mask is special. It contains real honey 38.7% from Jiri mountain of Korea.  Jiri mountain is the best place where bee can live because there are a lot of various herbs and flowers. Jiri mountain bees makes real honey that contains around 6000 antioxidants as getting nourishment from 1000 different various flowers.

I’m from honey mask has this real honey as it is so that people can feel real honey while doing this mask.

Containing 38.7% real honey means containing 46.44g real honey in honey mask (120g). When you apply this honey mask, it won’t be dried for long time so that skin will be moist and nourished. You can actually feel honey scent for calming down not only skin but also mind.

I'm from honey mask_texture
I’m from honey mask_texture

Texture is soft creme-brulee texture so that it is tightly applied on skin as supply moist and nourishment. Also, you can feel smoothness because of vitamin and mineral in Honey.

Apply on skin after wash face. (stir mask with spatula before using because honey goes under the bottom)

Massage with fingertips.

Leave it for 10 minutes or 1 hour top and rinse off with water.

You can use honey mask for your hair too! Because of UV lays hair is easy to damaged all the time. Use this honey mask as like conditioner. Apply on end part of the hair and leave it 10 -15 minutes. After rinse off with water, you can feel smoothness right away.

If you get burned,  apply honey mask. Honey mask can soothe down your skin, so apply the mask and leave it for 1 hour.

Protect your tired skin and body and get health with I’m from honey mask.

I'm from honey mask_flower
I’m from honey mask_flower

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