Relaxing, calming, and cool night!

What is your night care routine for skin? Skin is getting tired all day. Usually people do cooling mask or apply cooling gel in hot weather. However, no matter what season or weather, skin gets heat and damage.


Our skin gets heat by strong UV rays and other many issues, such as computer, makeup, stress, dryer, and cooking.

Then, what happen skin gets heat?

Skin is damaged significantly by heat. It causes sebum and troubles and weakens skin layer and elasticity. As skin temperature is getting high, the collagen and elastine is getting decrease so that skin is getting old quickly.

Therefore, it is really important to keep the temperature for your skin health. 31 Celsius degree is the best. There are many ways to keep the temperature as cooling down skin, but these cool night mask is very effective and easy to use.

coolnightmask of chica  y chico
coolnightmask of chica y chico

As you can see the package just looks like cool and fresh. As the scent is too.

Spearmint, apple mint, and peppermint make minty and fresh scent. All these mint complex ingredients also cool and sooth down skin.

As soon as apply, the mask is attached on skin tightly because of the texture. Texture is very glutinous and dense so that it stick on skin without any space. As cool night mask is sticking on skin, it cares pore, so it gives coolness and tighten with dense texture. As I mention, Mint complex ingredients cool and calm down skin as moisturizing so that skin looks healthy and smooth.


The best part of this mask is its peel off mask. It is not only simple to take off and also remove anything bad for skin. This mask is applied thinly and evenly without any space, so when you peel off this mask, it takes every skin waste, dead skin cell, and fine dust. Do not worry that it is not take off at once. It can be peeled off easily at once without stimulation.

It can be also used on body when you got burned. Back, arm, or neck, wherever you feel heat, try to cool night mask. After few minutes later with cool night mask, your skin will be cool and COOL.

I would recommend those people.

  • Want to care pore
  • Expose some situation that skin get heat easily.
  • Have oily skin
  • Want smooth skin texture
  • Like to take off any dust on skin

Before you go to bed, give some time to relax for your skin.

Cool down your skin heat and get off stress.

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