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Put rice on your skin and see what change.

When weather is cold, it is good to exfoliate skin. If you do not, skin is dry and cracked when you do makeup. It is important to use the item not only exfoliate skin also moisturize.

If you want smooth and clear skin, do exfoliate skin now.

There are some natural ingredients to exfoliate skin. Black sugar is the most popular ingredients. However, rice can be one of the effective ingredients for not only exfoliating but also other effects.


When you do remove the dead skin cells, skin will be smoother, and can has a good condition to absorb skincare products. However, it could be dry after exfoliating, so it is also important to apply enough moisturizer so that skin can get hydrated.


Rice is very interesting ingredients. Depends on country, there are many types of rice. Looks different, taste is different, and the way people are using is different. In Korea, rice is the staple food, and there are many types of rice and way to use.


Rice mask of I’m from helps your skin look bright and glow as also exfoliating skin.

Especially, Yeoju rice is much good for skin.


In Yeoju, In Yeoju, rich year always, there are no drought or floods, so good quality rice is produced because of huge daily temperature range.

4.1% of real Yeoju rice is in this mask. Grinded rice and bran as they are so that you can experience of the real rice effect.

Rice has plenty of mineral and vitamin

It is simple to use. Apply, leave, and rinse off.


This mask has very good scent that you can feel you are in the spa. Texture is very dense and rich. It is stick on your skin. Never falls down. When you rinse off the mask, you can massage with your fingertips as rolling on your face. Brans in the mask helps exfoliate your skin so that skin is smooth and bright.

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