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less is better than much.

Have you ever heard acid? or alkali? If yes, what about acidulous?

If you never heard about acidulous, from now on, you have to keep your mind. Because it is better to use acidulous cleanser for your skin than any other else. We clean at least twice a day. It is not negligible problem.


pH : the value representing acid or alkali of water.

pH 7 is neutral. less than 7 is acid, higher than 7 is alkali. what do you think that which pH index need for your skin?

Less than 7 pH is good for your skin. Approximately, 5~6.8 pH.

Usually, you think that acid is not good for your skin, apparently it is not. Little acid is much good for skin.



When baby is inside the mother, they are covered by acidulous natural protective skin layer. However, skin layer is taken off as we using alkali products so that demodex can inhibit, and it causes skin problem like folliculitis.

If  we use acidulous products, we can protect damaged skin layer so protect skin problems.

Our skin is acidulous naturally, so it is important to keep that pH for skin. Skin is not stimulated as using acidulous cleanser rather than alkali one.

always vita gel cleanser of Skin&Lab
always vita gel cleanser of Skin&Lab

Always vita gel cleanser is acidulous and less stimulating cleanser that clean skin waste and sebum only from the skin so that skin is moist.

Many people use only on cleanser during day and night, but we need to separate day and night cleanser.

The first thing is on your skin in the morning. There are many good things are making during sleep from the skin. If you use normal any other cleanser, those all good things are gone with bubble.

This cleanser has pH as similar as skin so that skin is not stimulated as during cleansing. It has essence type texture and remove skin waste so that skin is smooth and moist. Also, it contains vitamins as supplying energy to tired skin.

How to use

In the morning, clean your face. You feel that bubble is not enough, but it is normal reaction.

You can also use at night for second cleansing.

There is more good items for different seasons including acidulous cleanser. If you want, check this.]er/


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