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Are you having some trouble about gift for Christmas and any other occasion?


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Gift for someone is always hard to figure out what they want and need. Especially, if you have known someone for long time because you gave a lot already. Every year, I have a same trouble what I give present for my people, so I start to give a gift that they never buy for themselves but they like it.

Maybe, birthday gift is easy because you have to think one person. However, on December for holiday, gift is not set by one person. Then, it is harder to pick the present. Why? you do have a budget limit.




I think all of you guys want to be the person who has very good taste and eye for your people. Then what we give ? I highly recommend k-beauty item as a gift. You not only can be witty person but also reduce price. Also, isn’t that fabulous gift at this moment that we are all getting older tomorrow? Cosmetics for women is never enough just like a cloth.



Cosmetics for women is never enough just like a cloth. No matter how much women have, never satisfy and need more.


K- beauty are very huge now, so it is much better to give K-beauty items not any other rawpixel-com-445797.jpg

I give you less 20 dollars items which will be good as a gift for everyone to help women do not buy one more.





Every one need to exfoliate. Sometimes people think that is stimulating, but it is not. People, we need exfoliate. No matter how good cosmetic you use, if you do not exfoliate skin, It does not work. For absorbing, brightening, and anti-aging, exfoliating is one of the very important to step for your skin. As those reasons, this item is also one of the good item that you give to someone. This item is soft and less stimulating than other item. The vitamin capsules remove your skin waste and moisturize at the same time. Even though you only do exfoliate, your skin smooth, moist, and bright.



This is a kind of two on one shampoo type of item. It both works as a toner and mist. It saves our time and effort in the  morning. It is so simple to use. Spray on your face at the first step of the skincare. In addition, It is portable as a mist, so spray on whenever feel dry. It is also allow to bring in flight. Very useful item. It is not restricted by season. In cold weather, you can use as a mist, and in hot weather, you can use as a toner.




Sun cream is very important for skin. You have to apply everyday in all season. This sun lotion has very light and fresh texture so that people can use without stickiness no matter what type of skin they have. This item is just like a moisturizer but has protection UV function. Scent is also good and has adorable package.


There are bunch of fabulous items below this address, so check it, give it, and be proud of.


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