Tension & Relaxation : k-pop audition program


Why audition program is popular? We usually are attracted by well-organized: introduction, development, turn, and conclusion. It means there are tension and relaxation both.



Produce 101, audition show of Korea
Produce 101, audition show of Korea


A few months  ago, there was a huge show named ‘produce 101’. You have no idea what this show is as only guessing by its title. It is an audition show that 101 boys whom want to be K-pop idol group compete each other . All boys must live together during this show and get trained by a professional team. This program is done when 11 boys are selected by the public. There are no judges. Judges are us, the public. People encourage and like whoever they want and elect each week so that the boy whom are elected by people can be in final 11 members.



vote with iphone
vote with an iPhone


This show has two components, tension and relaxation properly. It is very interesting and can enjoy K-pop during the show, but on the other hand, it cannot let tension go in one second because you do not know who is going to be dropped out from the show. Personally, I was the big fan of this show. I spend my Friday to watch this show. During the show, I and maybe all people whom watch this show make our own 11 members. It is so personal favorite, so when the boy whom I liked dropped out the show, it was sad, because I did care and concern them like my friends.


When 11 members are decided, It was not my dream scenario. However, 11 boys who are nobody before this show are now huge and run the trend and K-pop. These days, literally I feel  how k-pop is popular in the world.



BTS is in ellen show from ellentube
BTS is in ellen show from ellentube


Recently, BTS actually announce K-pop and is popular regardless of the nationality even in America. They appear good American show. It is sensational. As k-pop is going to be popular, K-beauty is also. Now, it is big market in the world not only Asia, but also Europe and America. Koreans look a bit young for age of other country people and definitely have more tight skin. There are many different kinds of cosmetic brands rounded  men and women of all ages.



young beautiful two girls
young beautiful two girls


Of course,  young skin and look of Korean people are genetic generally, but we love to do skincare and have so many interests. Even though we are born to have young skin thankfully, have to care skin for keeping as it is. As I mention, tension and relaxation for attractive show is also needed concept for skin.


It is not always good that you apply expensive or a lot of cosmetics. You have to know how to use skincare item properly as mixing tension and relaxation. Every one can have the skin like baby forever. It it really important to know how we are getting old.


Hold skin age and tighten up skin for looking young.

hold off aging and hold your skin young







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