Photogenic K-Pop idols secrets – how to look better in photos

Thanks to social media, how to be photogenic became very important. Young girls and boys in Korea take a lot of selfies and they follow what K-Pop idols do when taking photos. So often times, they know how to pose to look better in photos. But what they don’t know is how their skin will appear with background light or flashlight from a camera.


Have you ever wondered how models in the magazine look perfect without any shadow? The secret lies in two things. One is with photography light settings and the other is with makeup. The former you need expensive light gears. Unless you are a professional in the photography industry, recipes won’t mean anything to you. But with the latter, you can do it rather easily.


Photogenic skill, K-Pop
Photogenic skill


First Step


“Hide your pimples as much as possible!”

If you have flawless skin, it’s great. But most people have all sorts of skin troubles. At least you might have a few pimples. You would think that K-Pop idols and K-drama stars always seem to have perfect skin. But trust me, they also suffer from skin troubles just like the rest of us. Now you might wonder, Photoshop does the art of removing skin troubles. This is true with K-Pop and K-drama stars to some extent but they hide skin troubles via makeup in the first place. How?


Concealer from CHICA Y CHICO
Concealer from CHICA Y CHICO – Hide your skin troubles


“Skin Concealer” does the magic!


If you put some on your face, it covers everything you hate! Normally concealer product have a long lasting effect during a day but you don’t even need it, you just want it to be effective during a photo shoot. (Or a selfie moment)


Second Step


Avoid glowing or sparkle on your face at all costs! Normally this is great. When your face is glowing, you look energetic and younger. But with combination of glowing effect and a photo shoot or even worse with a flash light, this makes you look like a bulb. Note that oily skin also exaggerates shimmer and make you look too bright.

So the best way is to use non-glowing makeup. Make sure to use light makeup as opposed to heavy. This will make your skin appear soft and smooth from a photo.

Face matte powder helps. This will make your face look soft and radiant but not glowing nor oily. When a photo shoot with a flashlight, the light won’t make glowing effect on the skin when matte powder is applied.


Matt powder from CHICA Y CHICO
Matt powder from CHICA Y CHICO
Matt powder from CHICA Y CHICO – Mint

Matt powder from CHICA Y CHICO mint version might give you the best skin condition for a photo shoot as it calms your skin but make it vibrant. (not dull color)


Now you know all the secrets about photogenic K-Pop, K-drama stars. Just one last technique you need to remember, it’s hot with K-Pop girls to make cheeks pink. In fact it’s kind of new trend with young girls to say “Fruity makeup”. Look up ‘#과즙메이크업’ in Instagram, you would see tons of images with girls with fruity color cheeks.  White pale skin with pink cheeks as a point, this is key ingredients for an awesome photo look with K-Pop, K-drama stars!


Matt Lip from CHICA Y CHICO


Matt lip from CHICA Y CHIO can give you fruity makeup look(according to Korean young girls term)! Now you are ready to become a star!


I almost forgot to remind you that you need to apply honey mask before going to sleep the night before a photo shoot. This will turn your skin into the best condition for any makeup.


Check out honey mask at this link.




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