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Seoul visitors guide – ‘must visit’ suggestions from Lablog

Since I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I didn’t think too much about Seoul city. However, I started travel around the world, I found the beauty in Seoul city. First off, Han river(big river) separates upper city (north Seoul) and lower city (south Seoul) therefore we had to build a lot of huge bridges. At night when these bridges all lit up, it makes a beautiful night scene.
Not only Seoul city by itself is beautiful, but also Seoul city government officials spend substantial budget every year to make the city better. Lablog team wants to provide a few suggestions as to where to visit.
Seoul visitors guide
Han-river Banpo bridge water show is very popular

Traveling through Time (Gwangwha moon)

Gwang-wha-moon area is where you can experience current and past at the same time. There is a big palace “Gyeongbok-goong”. This is where our King used to live. Now it’s open to public. During Korean War, a lot of building were burned down, torn apart, but almost everything is now re-built to its original form. You can rent traditional costumes (Hanbok) which will give you extra special memories.


Seoul visitors guide
Renting Hanbok costumes in the palace

Renting hanbok costumes were popular within Koreans but now it’s more popular to foreign visitors. Take photos of your being King of Korea or Queen of Korea. You can become whoever you like in this palace. In some areas, you could feel like walking through time as if it was 600 years ago. Walking through palace is great but walking through walls of palace is also nice.

Seoul visitors guide
Wall of Gyungbok-goong Palace
Sometimes, King’s palace opens at night. The lightings make the place even more prettier.  Here is the location information for you.
Seoul visitors guide
Haetae (mysterious creature in Korea) was considered as holy creature for protecting a important thing. So you will see Haetae in historical locations. (Usually in front of a door)

Samcheong-dong street

Samcheong-dong street is located right next to Gyeongbok-goog. So after visiting King’s palace, you could walk to Samcheong-dong easily. This place is popular because there are lots of traditional houses renovated as commercial shops or cafes. So you could see good looking old building in the very heart of modern Seoul city.

Seoul visitor guide
Hanok village

Hanokmaeul (Hanok village) is also popular place within Samcheong-dong street. It’s residential area where people still keep old houses. Having lots of tourists are probably not a good thing for residents but it’s good place to visit just for one photo.

Seoul tourist guide
Hanok village at sun set timing

Be sure to visit this place at sunset time. If you stand right next to where sun is setting behind the roof of hanok houses, it will make your life time photo. This area gets very romantic at night. Walking through a narrow alley (don’t be afraid it’s super safe around here.), suddenly you will hear no traffic sound. Being in the quiet place with low light makes old part of city more special.

Seoul visitors guide
Old alley

If you feel tired, we advise you to visit “Coffee bangakgan” cafe. They have good coffee but more importantly, you get great photos in front of the cafe. Check this photo out.

Seoul visitors guide
Coffee Bangakgan place
Coffee Bangakgan location information :
Samcheong-dong street location information :
Sevit island (at Han-river south)
There are lots of tourist attractions in Seoul city. But Lablog team wants to recommend you to see Seoul night at Han-river. Sevit island is man made island. You will have the best view of Seoul city including water show from the bridge next to Sevit island.
Seoul visitor guide
Sevit island has a fine view of Seoul.
From Sevit island, you will see Nam-san tower(which is called N-Tower now). From Sevit to Nam-san, you will see more beautify Seoul night views.
Seoul visitors guide
Nam-san rooftop cafe

Sevit Island location information :

If you start googling about Seoul visitor guide, you will see a lot of information. But if you happen to follow us, I am sure you guys will get to see the most beautiful spots in Seoul. If you feel happy, please spread the words to as many people as possible. Our mission is to introduce you with best k-beatury products but at the same time, we’d like you to enjoy Korea when you visit.
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(We will keep posted about tourist attractions for visitors to Korea. Follow us and get you informed about K-beauty and Korean culture.)



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