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Sweaters in closet
Sweaters in closet

When Halloween is gone, the weather is getting cold.  We have to reorganize closet to prepare cold change the bedding, pajamas, and everything. Shorts and sandals are going to deep inside of closet, and we bring out sweaters and scarves.



Sip hot choco in bed
Sip hot choco in bed

As weather gets cold, people change not only their clothing but also their drink taste. People start to find hot drink especially hot chocolate instead of ice coffee. Hot chocolate and comfy bed is the popular picture of the winter season more than snowing, and I think all people think the same as me. Hot chocolate is the huge signature. We need something sweet, rich, and deep.

Then, what is the signature ingredients of skincare in winter? I really insist that is ‘honey’ something sweet, rich, and deep.



Sweet, rich, and deep honey
Sweet, rich, and deep honey

I want to say Honey is like hot chocolate in skincare field. We love and want more in cold weather, and it is more effective in cold weather.

Honey is one of the very well-known ingredient for nourishing and moisturizing.

As the weather is getting cold, we need something richer, sweeter, and deeper as I mentioned. For skin. Light moisturizers are gone and bring back rich cream and oil.



The glory of sky
The glory of sky

Honey is the first grocery of human being for long times ago. It was the food of Greeck merciful powers, and roman considers honey was dew coming from Sky.

Honey has many good effects for body and health. It helps improve immunity, anemia, constipation, high blood pressure, hangover, aging, stress, and skin. Honey has much of various vitamin and mineral so that it makes skin clear and bright. Also, it contains essential amino acid, so skin will be tighten and improve scars and blemish.


Then, I want you to know various  K- beauty skincare items containing honey for your body.


Honey lip oil of Etude house
Honey lip oil of Etude house

Lip care item is my essential item of skincare in cold weather. Lip is very weak and sensitive, so you have to apply lip care item many times a day. If you want to keep moist lip use lip oil. It makes your skin Not only moist and enriched but also looks glowing and shining.
Usually, we need lip balm, but it is time to be trendy and get better effect with lip oil.




Honey body oil of Etude house
Honey body oil of Etude house

What about body?

It is easy to overlook body to care, because it takes time. However, we have to take care of our body. Winter clothes make your body get drier, so after wash we need to put some body cream or oil. If you have dry skin, I recommend oil. I have very dry skin so apply cream and oil at the same time. Apply cream and reapply oil where it is drier.


Honey mask of I'm from
Honey mask of I’m from

Need to enrich and nourish your skin before sleep.

When the cold weather starts, my skin will be extremely dry.  I was born with dry skin at the first time, so I try to pay attention to skin care so do mask casually before I go to bed. I feel my skin is relaxed and gets warm as I am doing the mask.

Honey mask. It helps not only moisturizing skin but also makeup next day. In cold weather skin is easy to crack, so makeup is not applied well. This mask gives so much nourishment and moisture so that makeup is very well applied in the morning.

When you open this mask, smell is awesome because this mask contains REAL honey a lot. I know honey is good for nourishing, but this mask is literally honey as it is.

Just apply on face with spatula and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse it off and enjoy smooth skin.




I will let you know the various usage with honey mask. It will be fun too. Use honey and get rich skin!


If you’re curious about Honey mask, please read this article about “Authentic Korean beauty recipes for your skin”




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