Hot tourist activities in Korea – K-beauty shopping

What do you do when you travel foreign places? Wherever you go, normally shopping beauty items are not the main activity, instead it could be one of many activities you might want to do.

However I was fascinated to find out a lot of female visitors from all over the world put primary interest in k-beauty items shopping in Korea. As an instance, they visit Olive Young where they have multiple K-beauty brands in once place. This doesn’t necessarily mean Olive Young carries better product than department store. Visitors simply took pleasure in browesing vairous k-beauty products.

K-Beauty Magazine introduces new products every months.

Have you heard about food tour? Often times, visitors take a food tour program. In this program, you could try multiple Korean food such as bibimbap, spicy chicken and beer, and gal-bi(babecued meat) in one night.


Typical Korean food. Korean food uses a lot of fresh sea food to make a soup.

Skin food

A lot of K-Beauty products use food as the main ingridient therefore, it’s not surprising that food tour became popular among female visitors. Maybe SNS facilitated this trend even more.
“먹스타그램” or “맛스타그램”  means, “food” + “Instagram”, if you look up this hashtag, you would find interesting Korean food easily.
Instagram – “맛스타그램”

Traditional costume in the palace is also very pupolur tourist activity. It started as local people wearing Hanbok(traditional costume) in palaces, but now it became more popular with foreign visitors. As Hanbok has beautifu colors, wearing hanbok makes perfect photo opportunties inside the palace area.


In palace areas, you would see people in beautiful Hanbok easily.

“I’m From” also uses traditional food items for skin care. Not only they use food as the core ingridient but also they follow ancient skin care recipes. As an instance, I’m From honey mask uses Jirisan honey. Ancient people provided Jirisan honey to the King and King’s royal families as it was considered as holy food. (Click here for details.)

I’m From Vitamin Tree Water-Gel

There are definitely more activities that Lab:log team would like to recommend for foreign tourists, it would be interesting to do above two things (k-beauty shop tour, food tour) to begin with. You never know you might find your one and only k-beauty item!



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