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Do you guys know that In the past, pink was a color for man? In western culture, pink was for a boy color because it was considered active and convinced color. However, somehow this was been changed. Now pink color is considered for a girl, then men started avoiding it.

Have you ever watched the movie ‘Alfie’ playing Jude Law? If not, watch it. There is an expression by Alfie(Jude Law). “If you ooze masculinity, like some of us do, you have no reason to fear pink”. I also support that a man wear pink. Anyway, return to the subject, I want to say we categorize and use pink for a girl more than a boy.

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Why?  Even though man start to try pink and there is no limit to man, why do we just think and use pink for a girl? The answer is simple. I want to say that pink is very magical color for a little girl, and we grew up with memory of pink. No matter what people think about pink in the past, Pink takes her to the fantasy. Usually, girls wear the pink dress all over the place as showing off how they look pretty. Even though we (grownups) do not wear “pink dress” anymore, we try to wear other pink and we still like it.


Makeup tools and brushes

It’s makeup. Pink takes huge part of the makeup field and a variety of different pink colors are already used in makeup. However, these days, pink has been pervaded in skincare too. There are many pink ingredient items get released. Among those items, I want to talk to pink clay mask. Everyone knows charcoal or other clay mask, but now the pink clay is  big trend. There is a amazing clay mask made by k-beauty brand Skin&Lab.


Pink clay mask from Skin&lab

Pink clay mask is combined with pink clay from France and pink flower complex. It helps skin to be bright and nourishing as cleaning pores. It is not the same as other clay mask.

It has creamy and smooth texture fits on skin without running down so that it removes sebum and cares pore magically. The best part of this mask is a fragrance. It has so fruity and floral scent that makes me feel fresh.

It is so simple. Basically, apply and rinse off.

Apply on the whole face after wash. Leave it for 15 minutes (It is never going to dry as like other clay mask), and rinse off.

It is really moist, so skin will be magically smooth and moist without tightness after the mask.

However, if you want to focus on some part like T-zone, you can apply on T-zone so that It can controls oiliness, sebum, and pore. You can use this mask also on BODY part such as back or chest where you need pore care.

I like to use this mask with glacial clay mask as applying different part of the face. I will let you know that next time.

Have you any questions, ask to me.


Also, check more this item through this link. I doesn’t hurt 🙂 Link here 

The color pink makes everything look pretty



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