From an engineering to k-beauty expert – Lab and Company CEO Mr. Kim

When I first met with CEO of Lab and Company Mr. Chan-Young Kim, he left a very strong impression by saying this.

By opening our sales operation in the United State, I pledge to help end child hunger in the United States.

He continued, when he first heard about the necessity of a dumpster diving not the one with noble mind of putting an end to food waste, he decided he’d like to dedicate himself to put an end to child hunger in the United States.

So he came up with an idea that Lab and Company will contribute a fixed $ amount of percentage of each product sales in the United States to help hungry children who have to do dumpster diving for food out of the necessity.

Lab and Company CEO, Mr. Chan-Young, Kim

I was very impressed about his pledge and evidently he left a very strong impression about his company.

When Mr. Kim started Lab and Company, he was not a k-beauty expert. Instead, he had been working as an engineer to well-known company for long.

This struct me as a second surprise since I met him. How come he became a CEO of a fast growing k-beauty company with no beauty background?

CEO of Lab and Company used to be an engineer

When Mr. Kim became a high level manager in his engineering firm, he realized that he never did what he love to do but since he mastered enough skills to make any product, he thought he could make anything. Once day he had a dinner with his dear friend who’s been in dermatology business as a doctor for years. They chatted for a while then found that if they work together they could make great beauty products out of actual skin patients experiences.

Lab and Company CEO is on the lookout for new trend.

Since then, Mr. Kim and his dermatology doctor friend worked closely together for long time and made these vitamin cream products. From vitamin A to K, Lab and Company encouraged customers to mix vitamin cream products combination depending on their skin type.


This strategy worked more than Lab and Company’s expectations. Since k-beatuy market in Korea has gotten very competitive, Mr. Kim was very concerned if people did not find their vitamin products useful at the beginning. But customers felt that with combination usage of vitamin products, they experienced solving skin issues. Whether this was a placebo effect or not, it worked!


Since then, Lab and Company became very aggressive in trying new concepts in the k-beauty market. As an instance, with honey mask product, they used 38.7% pure honey which was the maximum pure ingredients usage in the same industry.

For the honey mask, refer to this article : Authentic Korean beauty recipes for your skin


Like most engineers do, Mr. Kim is curious about everything there is to know about the k-beauty. He studies a lot. When Mr. Kim comes up with new ideas, he asks his dermatologist friend to have a meal with him. I am thrilled to see what might be the next product from this bright mind.

Red serum from Lab and Company

I’ve seen many occasions where you can’t beat someone who is genuinely interested in doing things as opposed to the one who majored the topic in the university and doing it for a living with no interest.

I am sure, Lab and Company CEO falls into the former. I can’t wait to see his next move.

“Live long and prosper, K-Beauty!”



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