Healthy skin from natural ingredients masks “I’m From” product line.

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Korea. The color of sky gets beautiful by far in the fall. Also leaves are changing, everything gets so pretty. However this means, it’s the end of abundant moisture in the air which is not so good news for your skin.


According to a dermatologist, you need to keep your skin moisturized at all time to have  healthy skin. Our ancestors tried their best to keep their skin healthy, in the old days, they put on oil from a pig during the winter for the dry skin. But evidently, this is not a pleasant experience. So soon they found a better way.

Vitamin tree mask from “I’m From”

Ancestors found that organic leaves from a certain tree provide both soothing feeling and moisture to the skin. By referencing the ancient history, Vitamin tree mask from “I’m From” use organic vitamin tree leaves to extract vitamin. These trees are in the Taebaek mountains area in Korea. The Taebaek Mountains are a mountain range that stretches across North Korea and South Korea. They form the main ridge of the Korean peninsula(by Wikipedia definition.) Our ancestors considered mountains in the Taebaek area very holy.

There is a mountain behind the king’s palace ‘Gyungbok Palace’. This mountain is also considered as a holy one.
Due to its natural ingredients, it’s even a great mask for guys, too. I use it to soothe razor burn more so than keeping my skin moisturized.
Whenever I put it on my face and listen to my favorite music, I feel like I’m in the mountains.
Natural ingredients from Taebaek Mountains

I like Portland city in Oregon. When I think of Portland, I see green trees, smell of fresh forests in my mind. Most people I met in Portland live healthy life. Instead of driving a car, they commute with a bicycle. Instead of junky food, they eat food from local mart, organic stuff. Maybe because of fresh or soothing feeling, Vitamin tree resembles the city of Portland.

Organic, minimal lifestyle.

People in other country say that asian girls, especially Korean girls have a beautify skin. Like K-Pop, people began to call K-beauty as if there is a secret recipes for Korean girls. I don’t know if there is any secret at all with K-beauty to keep youthful skin but I am sure that Vitamin Tree could make your skin moisturized during the dry season!

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Put on some mask and listen to the sound of the forest.



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